Docker Notes #1

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How do you setup docker for multiple projects?

To set up Docker for multiple projects, you’ll need to create a new Dockerfile for each project. A Dockerfile is a text file containing instructions for Docker on building and setting up your project’s environment.

To create a Dockerfile for your project, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new directory for your project and navigate to it in your terminal.
  2. Create a new file called Dockerfile in your project directory.
  3. Open the Dockerfile in a text editor, and add instructions for building the environment for your project. These instructions can include commands to install dependencies, set environment variables, and more.
  4. Save the Dockerfile and close it.
  5. Use the docker build command to build a Docker image for your project based on the instructions in the Dockerfile.
  6. Use the docker run command to run the Docker image and launch your project.

You can repeat these steps for each project you want to set up with Docker. This will allow you to run multiple projects on the same machine using Docker.

Where are docker files stored?

By default, Docker stores the files that make up an image in a directory called /var/lib/docker on the host machine. This directory contains all of the files for the Docker images installed on the host machine.

You can use the docker inspect command to see the exact location of the files for a specific Docker image. For example, to see the files for the ubuntu image, you would run:

$ docker inspect ubuntu

This will output a JSON object that contains information about the ubuntu image, including the location of its files on the host machine.

Note that you should not modify the files in the /var/lib/docker directory directly, as doing so can cause problems with your Docker installation. Instead, use the Docker command-line interface to manage your images and containers.