Welcome to my little dig on the web. My name is Thrasyvoulos Nerantzis but people call me Thrasos. When I was typing this page I was 812,935,900 seconds old, coincidentally I was born on the same day as Alan Turing and Johannes Gutenberg.

My Erdos number is 3.

I like to make things and make up things, yes that’s right, I am a software dev guy but that does not stop me from tampering with hardware. My main playground is the web, were I have fun with lots of toys that are out there. I mean whats there not to like about it? It’s the best era to be into software/web programming, we are out of the basements and into the worlds front pages. Growing up I was probably the only kid that had a computer trying to figure out how to command it and the community was tight and kinda outcast. But hey look at us now, we open our laptops and we can start a revolution or just update a kernel. It’s all about the code and the coder. Code is poetry(as my friends over at wordpress say) and a new art form that has emerged from evolution. It’s maths, science and philosophy and reflects the programmers way of thinking and perceiving things. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

 Open source is the heart beat of software and the avant guard of technology.

Yes and I truly stand by it; hence I openly support open source and the FSF, I mean where would all these big non-free closed-source monopolies be without it?

What I ‘m into portrayed as a tag cloud.

If your looking for them, well I am not them:

alter ego