Temptation: You dont know why, you dont know what is going to happen. The unknown unknowns, you might do it and things might get better or you might find yourself in a rather unpleasant situation.

Curiosity : Is a cat killer and a human intelligence improver.

You are tempted, there it is in front of your face staring at you. There is no one around. Do you do it? It could be a laugh or things could get messy. What do you do? Time is ticking… you grab it, you store it, you upload it … your clean. You think to yourself just  for a few days no harm done. The little angel on your shoulder is on holiday. The road is open and the old yeller has been put to sleep. Pedal to the medal. You sweat , you smoke, you think the whole world knows. It’s a conspiracy, no it’s not. Sleeples night. Everything orbits the issue. The next day you go back, no one has noticed anything, no-one cares, no-one appreciates. You check, you double check, yep they have shoved it in the recycle bin. They really don’t care they never did. But you own the copy and you dont care.



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