Nymphomaniac and the Fibonacci Sequence #funny #Video

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Sex, nudity and violent scene transitions is what kinda sticks with you after watching the latest Lars von Trier movie Nymphomaniac Vol I.

It came as a surprise to me that he used fishing, choirs and the fibonacci sequence as parallel metaphor to describe the act and behaviour of the nymph. The later being specifically highlighted. It’s an odd thing to use if you think about it but none the less cool and inventive. I take it many geeks might have felt confused, you rarely encounter any type of maths when viewing a film that contains nudity. The movie might be no anti-christ, regardless though it’s still phenomenal. The entire experience was like reading de Sade for the first time again.

I hope the sequel is as good.-


The video I made is an inside joke, but still you might find it somewhat funny.

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