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Let me tell you how I came about building the easyread wordpress template. I needed a clean blog template that I understood and did exactly what it’s supposed to. Most templates out there do things that I didn’t feel comfortable with and contain redundant code. I have a personal blog and I like to keep things simple. I dont want to show off design features or extravagant UX.  Also I wanted everything to be located on my server. No CDN’s or remote scripts.

I started developing my own template.

Since I am not a graphic designer and I needed a data-driven wordpress template, I asked my self the question “where did I feel more comfortable reading?”

I went through many answers and I saw some great work out there, like the kindle or the NY times. All great examples of typography and data-driven web interfaces. Alas I recalled the publications from academia.

They were all written in latex, or at least the majority was. Obviously there is no other way of writing anything over 10 pages long , even after all these years, without using Latex.

Latex is mandatory, for anyone who is not masochist.

Appart from being a great tool. It also offers a pleasing font. I did some research and came across checkmyworking.com/cm-web-fonts/ . This guy converted Donald Knuth’s original Computer Modern into a font. Kudos to him.

In return I applied this font all over the template and the result is not half bad.

Easyread is a clean and minimal WordPress blog theme that uses the famous Donand Knuth’s Computer Modern Latex Font. It’s so good-looking that some scientists do research just so they can write it up in Computer Modern. This theme has several customization options that are available WordPress Theme Customizer. SEO Friendly and Supports Languages and Woocommerce.

The EasyRead template uses Bootstrap frontend Framework, this makes it’s fully responsive and mobile friendly. EasyRead comes with a few custom widgets and an optional full screen slider to present your content.

The theme is optimized to work with WooCommerce, W3 Total Cache, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Jetpack, Yoast SEO and many other free and premium WordPress plugins.

Even though the theme is SEO friendly and has a compatible structure for most search engines, I recommend using more sophisticated plugins for this matter. Yoast being one of them.


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